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Russian Sportswear Brand Forward

Forward is a well-known Russian sportswear brand founded in 2003. The brand specializes in producing high-quality sports gear for various types of sports, including Olympic disciplines, and is the official supplier of sports clothing for the national teams of Russia.

History and Development

The Forward company was founded in Moscow and aimed from the very beginning to create sportswear that combines advanced technologies and stylish design. The main idea of the brand was to create clothing that could proudly represent Russian sports on the international stage.

Official Supplier

Since 2008, Forward has been the official supplier of sports gear for the Russian Olympic team. This status has been maintained through several Olympic Games, including both winter and summer games. Forward also collaborates with various sports federations, providing uniforms for teams in biathlon, athletics, fencing, and other sports.

Technologies and Products

Forward actively uses advanced technologies in its clothing production. Among them are:

  • ThermoDry Technology: Ensures efficient moisture wicking and maintaining a comfortable body temperature.
  • Antibacterial Coatings: Prevent unpleasant odors and keep the clothing fresh even after intense workouts.
  • High-Quality Materials: Ensure durability and comfort, such as membrane fabrics for wind and moisture protection.

The product range of Forward includes training and casual sportswear, footwear, accessories, and professional athletes' gear. The brand also releases special collections dedicated to major sporting events such as the Olympic Games.

Design and Style

Forward pays great attention to the design of its products. The company's signature style is a combination of national motifs and modern sports fashion trends. The designs often feature elements of Russian symbolism, such as the tricolor and the coat of arms.

Social Responsibility

Forward is also involved in charitable activities and supports various social projects aimed at developing youth sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people.

Popularity and Recognition

Today, Forward is one of the leading Russian sportswear brands and is popular among both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. The brand's products are available in numerous retail stores across Russia and can also be ordered through the official online store.

Forward continues to develop, expand its product range, and implement new technologies, striving to remain a leader in the sportswear market and maintain high standards of quality and style.

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