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Tours to the south of Russia in September will cost 10-30% cheaper than in July and August

Hotels reduce prices for tours with arrivals before September 10 by 10%, and by the end of the month, discounts increase to 30%.

In the first month of autumn, the cost of air tickets also becomes cheaper, the price in September is reduced by about 20% compared to August.

The majority of bookings for southern Russian resorts are in the summer, the interest in travel packages is declining in the fall, according to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia. The downward trend is also confirmed by tour operators, as most of the sales refer to arrivals in the coming dates.

This summer, air travel prices in Russia are 15% lower than last summer. If in 2019 during the period of July 10-20 the average check was 8,723 rubles, then in the same period in 2020 - 7,357 rubles.

The southern resorts of Russia are ready to receive tourists in September; rooms are available in all hotels, including the most popular ones.

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