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Why you must visit Skolkovo: Perspectives for Schoolchildren

Skolkovo is not just a tech park or a research center. It's the epicenter of innovation and high-tech development in Russia, opening unique opportunities for education and inspiration for young minds from around the world.

A visit to Skolkovo is not merely a tour into the future of technology and science but a practical immersion into an innovation ecosystem, especially important for schoolchildren from other countries.

International Educational Collaboration

Skolkovo actively collaborates with leading global universities and scientific centers, making it a crossroads of international knowledge and ideas. For schoolchildren, this means an opportunity to learn about the latest scientific achievements and innovative projects that have the potential to change the world. Tours of Skolkovo demonstrate how global research and development are brought to life, stimulating interest in international scientific collaboration.

Practical Experience and Inspiration

By visiting Skolkovo, schoolchildren from different countries get a unique chance to observe the operations of innovative startups and research labs. This allows students not just to see but to try cutting-edge technologies firsthand—from robotics to biomedicine and artificial intelligence. Such experiences can inspire youth to pursue careers in science and technology, showing the practical side of theoretical knowledge.

Developing Future Skills

The importance of Skolkovo for schoolchildren from other countries lies in offering a unique platform for developing the skills needed in today’s world: critical thinking, complex problem-solving, creativity, and adaptation to rapidly changing technologies. Tours and educational programs at Skolkovo contribute to the cultivation of these competencies, preparing young people for successful careers anywhere in the world.

Cultural Exchange and Understanding

For foreign schoolchildren, visiting Skolkovo is also an opportunity for cultural exchange. Meeting with Russian peers and professionals, students learn about Russian culture and the educational system, fostering international understanding and friendship.


Visiting Skolkovo offers schoolchildren from other countries not just a glimpse into the future of science and technology but also to become part of an international community committed to innovation and knowledge. It’s an experience that educates, inspires, and unites youth from different countries in the pursuit of creating a better future through science and technology.

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